On-site Wastewater Management

An On-site Wastewater Management Program was adopted by the Town in July 2006 to ensure that our precious water resources do not become contaminated from failing On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS). For those readers who want to learn more about the program, please review the On-site Wastewater Management Plan which was approved by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management as well as the On-site Wastewater Management Ordinance which was adopted by the Town Council in July 2006.

Inspection & Maintenance Schedule

The Town has been divided into Inspection Sub-Districts.  CLICK HERE to view the Sub-District Map to see in which subdistrict your property is included.  In accordance with the Town’s On-Site Wastewater Ordinance, any property that relies on an on-site wastewater treatment system must have it inspected and placed on a routine inspection and maintenance schedule.  Your specific inspection and maintenance schedule will be determined by your inspector.


Many wastewater inspectors are also installers and designers, so rest assured they know septic systems.

All Inspectors Have…
  • Completed the RI Septic System Inspector’s course.
  • Passed the certification exam.
  • Submitted proof of insurance.
  • Been instructed to perform exactly the same inspection.

The Process

Inspections will enable us to gather important septic system information, and will enable property owners to establish an inspection & pump-out schedule specific to your system needs.

What to Expect

The inspections will require each inspector to file a report directly into the Town’s online reporting and tracking software. To learn more about your system and what to expect during inspection and pump-out please review one of the following PDF’s.

“What to Expect” Documents: